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This is because it doesn’t have the kind of responsiveness necessary to create dynamic music, not to mention the pads are incredibly small. Looking for a midi controller for my iPad. This app is the reason I have an iPad Pro.”. When playing an instrument with the pads, you can also deploy aftertouch for further expressivity. Ableton Push 2 is a MIDI Pad controller designed to be the best MIDI pad controller for the Ableton Live DAW. Zedd is a trained pianist, Flux Pavillion is a drummer, and Skrillex is a guitarist. The Mixface is a beautifully adaptable controller, and if you find that DAW control is not what you need, we bet you’ll find plenty of other possibilities for use, and having a decent bank of faders to hand can be very useful”. Always consider your primary use when buying a controller, as a DJ who is playing live will surely need something more geared towards performance than someone making beats in their bedroom. By Audio Modeling. Ableton Push 2 is no doubt the #1 controller for Ableton with the seamless integration and endless control options. Following its stellar Stradivari Violin, Native Instruments and e-instruments return to Cremona’s Museo del Violino to sample four more priceless string instruments. LiveControl Complete Control of Ableton Live Using Your iPad or iPod. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with getting another controller, especially if you’re on a budget or you use another DAW besides Ableton. Push is able to replicate anything you can do with the Ableton Live software. It offers a pleasing amount of MIDI features like an arpeggiator, scale mode, and different layouts for the 32 pads. Zerodebug TouchAble Pro. What sold me was that it has things the Ableton Push Controller doesn't and is much cheaper. Those Templates really do make controlling, sequencing and automating your studio a breeze.”. Here are some fundamentals. Sometimes a simple mixer-style MIDI control surface is all you need, and for the price, StudioLogic’s Mixface is the best solution we’ve seen in a while. Getting pads that are sensitive to pressure or have built-in aftertouch can be very helpful in adding expressiveness to your playing. We said: “If you’re on a budget, this is a good option, especially as it includes a copy of Ableton Live 10 Intro. In Live mode, each module has a tight integration with Ableton Live making it easy to interact with your Ableton Live project. LiveControl 2. Bottom Line: If you can swallow the hefty price, there is no doubt that Ableton Push 2 is one of the best midi controllers for Ableton on the market today. This video shows you how to use an iPad as a midi controller Ableton Live. In Hurry? Hi! The tool appears to work in real-time and with a graphic interface not unlike your average notation software. Push features an 8×8 grid of RGB pressure-sensitive pads, used for real-time note input, clip launching, sequencing and not only. It’s shares its format and design inspiration with the Launchpad MK2, but the whole package is considerably smaller and more stripped down. However, it’s primarily a Live controller at heart – and a good sturdy mobile one at that. Created in close collaboration with AKAI, Push is one of the best dedicated controller for Ableton Live music software. Novation Launchpad Mini. With 64 pads, 16 buttons, and an 8+1 fader design (8 regular faders and 1 master fader), it’s hard to believe they packed all this into a tiny 1.5lb frame. In the almost two years since its release, Akai’s Force has undergone some significant improvements. Without the installed driver mentioned above however, we probably wouldn’t put this on a top list (aka, the driver is a must-have). The latest incarnation of Novation’s Launchpad range, which debuted in 2009, the Pro Mk3 still works brilliantly with clips and instruments in Live, but also as a standalone controller for other MIDI gear. However, it’ll also function as a very capable hub for your hardware rig, which is a real bonus. The … This is the choice for anybody who ever wished for Live functionality both with and without the laptop. If you are a professional or want to become one, Ableton Push 2 is the best Ableton controller for you. Even if you’re a software diehard, this is another way to think about presenting live music, especially if you experience the occasional option paralysis that comes bundled free with every DAW.”. You’d probably be surprised to find out that many of your favorite DJs and electronic artists were instrumentalists to begin with. Maml - Sunsets (live performance) with Ableton Live, Akai MPD218, Akai APC40, iPad running Lemur, and Yamaha DTXplorer electronic drum kit. LiveControl 2 (iPad) Based on Lemur from Liine, LiveControl 2 gives access to all important functions to perform with Live, e.g. The Gamevice’s pass-through charging technology to charge the iPad while playing. Of course, you’ll be able to do this with many different controllers, though in the past decade, we’ve begun to see a market of products dedicated to Ableton’s environment. The latest update makes it even more appealling. You can set the velocity-sensitive pads to represent a keyboard spanning three octaves; a trigger for sampling devices like Drum Rack; as transport controls for Live and much more. You’ll love it! The clip-launch buttons do a decent job of reflecting your onscreen clip colours and it remains a relatively mobile package. By checking the boxes you agree to receive the following from us via e-mail. Whether you’re playing live or want a more organic way of producing in the studio, we can’t recommend anything better. We said: “The Morph is a very desirable product that offers the user a tactile experience beyond anything a tablet can offer, but without extending to the full-on hardware controls. It is a USB-powered controller that is very easy to the plugin as well as access the keys, knobs, faders, and 16 velocity-sensitive RGB pads using your Ableton Live session view. You also have a built-in LED strip to easily slice, play, or manipulate different samples, just as you would do with their simpler or sampler instrument in the DAW. Your email address will not be published. 12 best controllers for Ableton Live. So sit back, pay attention, and enjoy! We’re going to give you the lowdown on some of our favorite hardware controllers for Ableton so that you can get to recording, mixing, performing, or whatever it is your heart desires! The Arp and Fixed Chord modes are great fun, too, providing plenty of options to turn boring parts into intriguing textures. Many pick up the Live/Push combo on day one of their musical mission. The Novation Launchpad Mini is one of the most compact, straightforward Ableton controllers available. Compared to other DAWs like Pro Tools, Logic, Reason, etc., Ableton has a different workflow. Atom SQ offers deep integration with both Studio One and Ableton Live, which is ideal for those wielding a double-DAW setup. DAW Control is a universal controller app with optimization for Logic Pro and Ableton Live. We take a look inside the Spanish techno artists humble abode. The Mixface features a DAW mode with an Ableton Live preset for swift integration, with the transport control on the right-hand side of the controller providing ample control over your session. It’s particularly popular with EDM producers and beatmakers because it’s so quick to create full tracks. You can quickly turn your pad setup into a piano roll, experiment with different scales, and sequence/play melodies, all without ever drawing a single note into your MIDI clip. The current controller setting could be transported with the help of a snapshot function. The Best 61 Key MIDI Controller in 2020 for PC, Mac, and iPad Last Updated on September 19, 2020 by Ryan Harrell After covering the best 88-key and 49-key keyboards on the market, it is only natural that we write about the best 61 key MIDI controller as well. Coming in at number one is the Ableton Push 2. Dedicated solo, record arm, mute buttons are a huge plus. SteelSeries’ “Nimbus” is hands-down the finest game controller for the iPad Pro. As one of the first dedicated Ableton controllers, the APC40 pushed the envelope for what people could do with Ableton. Best Performance Controller: Akai APC40 MKII. There are also a large number of buttons, faders, and knobs, which can all easily be integrated with Ableton’s interface for maximum control. Having said that, at the moment, I believe the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is the best possible option for iOS music. The Base II is incredibly durable with its aluminum build and comes with a ton of flexible features. The Device control is outstanding, and the ability to view two modules together is the icing on the cake. When you’re creating melodies, they automatically assign themselves to keys and modes to let you create fitting tunes easily. We said: “The Force is so enjoyable to use – I’d happily put it to work for song sketching, sampling, jamming and live sets. The Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol A49 is one of the best MIDI keyboards on the market today building on the success of the "S" series, offering superb control and functionality for music producers of all genres and levels. Novation SL MkIII. The pads are velocity and pressure-sensitive and make beats that are expressive and natural-sounding. Even the controller apps such as Lemur, TouchOSC and touchAble work on iPhone, and Gadget and Blocs Wave will let you create Ableton Live projects from your iPhone or iPad, which still blows my mind a bit. It also includes a set of knobs, touch-sensitive mod wheels and some transport controls for tweaking your instruments and effects. It’s the most wonderful time of the year for your plug-in folder. We said: “These keyboards don’t do anything special in terms of interacting with the software – you still need to use cmd, ctrl, alt, or whatever, to execute the commands – it’s all about the labelling. If you are using Ableton Live and your DAW, this will be the best keyboard controller to choose from. But it can also be used with other popular DAWs like Logic and Reason, though you won’t get its best features, which is what makes the Push the top pad controller for electronic musicians. It’s essentially Ableton in a hardware instrument form. Your email address will not be published. Unlike its predecessor, the MKII is much lighter, making it the perfect controller to take on the go with you. Checkout Our Top Pick Of Best Ableton Controllers. With the driver installed, you get a wide array of ‘modes’ including mixer mode, standard mode, drum step sequencer mode, instrument mode, and scale edition mode. Ableton Push 2 aims to bring that feeling back into electronic music, and honestly, it does an incredible job. The Launchkey MK2 also includes Ableton Live 9 Lite, Novation Bass Station, V-Station, and an XLN Addictive Keys instrument of your choice! The portability of your Ableton controller will really come down to how many pads are onboard. As for the quality of your pads, you’ll want ones that are durable and have excellent feedback. The actual build quality of the device is pretty solid. The pads are also MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) compatible, which can make for some seriously expressive performances. When it comes to Ableton users, it’s usually a choice between the Push 2 or the Launchpad Pro. The more faders and knobs your device possesses, the more of an authentic ‘analog’ feel it will give you as you send MIDI information to Ableton. The truth is that Push does such a thorough job out of the box, you need a clear reason not to use it. Let's click it. You can insert a plethora of multi-faceted MIDI widgets, with 32 workspaces accessible at once for each project. Push is available bundled with any of the three versions of Live. Best Game Controllers for iPad Pro in 2020 #1. Two of the sequencers are monophonic, intended for riffs, basslines and the like, while the third is … That’s when you should start looking into 8x8 controllers. Street Price: $99.99 USD. Best Ableton Controllers. Like the APC40, the Akai APC Mini is best for triggering and launching clips rather than actually creating music in real time. Push 2 comes with an 8x8, large, high-quality grid of pads that can be used in a wide variety of ways. You can easily use the dynamic controller mapping to connect to different functions within Live. Required fields are marked *. The MkII iteration keeps it fresh and relevant, as long as you don’t need to play pads – these are clip-launchers only. The Push 2 by Ableton is one of the best-selling MIDI pad controllers on the market. Most controller pads are made with high-quality rubber or silicone and are velocity-sensitive, though not all pads have equal feedback. The best part about it is the ergonomic design that makes it more convenient to stay in complete control while playing action-packed games. This offers computer-keyboard shortcuts on steroids, with a Mac/PC keyboard featuring colour-coded keys (printed, not stickers), with text and icons, to keep your workflow fast and organised. It features nine long-throw faders, eight of which feature a pot control at the top, and a mappable button at the bottom. Playing live instruments differs so much from producing electronic music in that whatever you play feels authentic and organic. Although most audiences will see his extravagant light setup – The Cube – as the main achievement in his shows, us music producers may be just as impressed with his custom-built performance tool, OSC/Pilot. We said: “This is a whole new, enjoyable experience and it’s something that we are far more likely to use for composition. It sold millions of units in an amazingly short amount of time and can be used for a variety of different jobs. The RGB pads make it easy to monitor your clips and playback which can be very helpful when you’re playing in clubs and venues. It’s not truly tactile, and using a glass surface for a controller isn’t for everybody, but other than that, I have no quibbles about this at all. © 2020 MusicTech is a member of the media division of BandLab Technologies. Can be helpful in arrangement view. Say you want to play a piano part. The Novation Launchpad was such a big hit when it was released back in 2009 that the company decided to milk the success and build a miniature version of their renowned controller. Controllers are like instruments and Ableton Controllers should be extensions of the software, providing you with a more efficient, physical workflow. We found that after a short time with the (online) manual, we were scooting around Live with aplomb, accessing functions and parameters without having to access our damn computer mouse.”. The second choice in our best MIDI pad controller round-up is the BeatStep Pro, which features three independent step sequencers and a set of general purpose MIDI controllers. Some might love the idea of using an app on the iPad to control Ableton, but in all seriousness using an iPad app during a live performance can be scary. Bottom Line: While the Base II isn’t made specifically for Live, it integrates very well, looks sleek, and is built like a tank. The track faders, cross fader, and a cue knob are just what i need . It’s a great prospect for anybody interested in creating or performing using music hardware. There are two things you’ll want to consider when looking at pads for your Ableton Controller: To cut down on size, some control surfaces on the market have begun manufacturing miniature pads on their devices. Use Live out and about? Most controllers come with at least a few knobs and faders for basic parameter editing. The product includes Ableton music software for the right music. The first version was released In September 2010 and was one of the first iOS music apps for iPad, and has been the most successful iOS Ableton Live controller since. Price £529/$799. Therein came the Novation LaunchPad Mini, a controller with the same basic layout and features at a fraction of the size. “It’s a vital component to our live production, both on stage and front-of-house.”. The ability to control certain software instruments in real-time to provide layers of expression and interest is a very tempting prospect. We provide insight and opinion on the gear, tools, software and services to enhance and expand the minds of music makers and listeners. DJs will love the faders, as it essentially turns the APC Mini into a mixer for your Ableton Live sets. Akai Professional Force. 2. This can be extremely helpful if you’re using Ableton Live to DJ for example. We round up some of our favourite sites for fresh, inspiring samples. This MIDI controller does a lot more than just control parameters in Ableton. With 64 launch pads and 16 buttons, you have quite a bit to work with here. If you do end up getting the LaunchPad, we highly recommend exploring the driver’s possibilities. Get one of them and have fun! You can always unsubscribe (so you won't receive any more e-mails) by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each e-mail. The original APC40 was one of the first Live controllers on sale, and it’s still going strong. This iPad Game controller also has a 3.5mm headphone jack. The best MIDI keyboard for Ableton is all you need for an above the world experience. TouchAble does a stellar job at putting the full functionality of Live right at your fingertips. Check Price At Amazon. DJ TECHTOOLS touchAble 3 offers a vast array of new and improved features and finally connects via a simple USB cable. So far I can play for example with the pads one synth into BM3. We take a closer look at melodic Step Sequencing. Time to peer deep at the shifting sonic textures presented by the aptly-named Kaleidoscopes. This MIDI keyboard comes in … '� It works in two modes: Live or MIDI. Using your wireless router is the easiest because it requires little additional setup. Obviously the more you have, the more parameters you’ll be able to control in real time. Nektar, 25-Key Midi Controller (SE25) Best Audio Recording Gear, Musical Instruments, & Home Studio Guides. Atom SQ also recognises when you’re working in Session View and Arrangement View, switching up its layout accordingly. The 8x8 controllers with full-sized MPC-style pads are much larger, though are far more flexible when you start getting into the world of serious production and live mixing. It works really well within Ableton Live, allowing you to easily playback clips within your sessions. Ableton Push 2 is no doubt the #1 controller for Ableton with the seamless integration and endless control options. Bottom Line: If you’re all about portability, this is one of the best Ableton controllers out there. The original Akai APC40was launched in 2009 and quickly became a massive hit. We said: “TouchAble Pro is easy to configure, fast to use, and engages with the software like nothing else. Its four-track sequencer happily lets you record and tap in MIDI notes into Live, with note-length adjustments for individual steps in a sequence of up to 32. Discover the best Computer Recording MIDI Controllers in Best Sellers. Straightforward for session view. This keyboard will give your studio that ‘serious pro’ vibe – it boasts a modern and sleek aesthetic. Those who are familiar with Akai products will dig the overall build, as it is high-quality and durable. What's unique about this app is that it only has two views, both of which look exactly like a console. With the hundreds of MIDI drum controllers on the market today, finding one that works best for Ableton can be a huge pain. It can be used in standalone mode when needed, integrated with Live when required, and acts as your audio interface, too. We said: “Use Live a lot but limited in space? You’ll most likely end up using Ableton to trigger clips, mix live, and sequence different patterns, especially if you’re making electronic music. Each key has an icon and a text label on a coloured background, and the colours are grouped according to the type of function they represent, which is a good idea”. I find it hard sometimes to use my iPad as a MIDI controller wirelessly via rtpMIDI because of high latency issues. Ableton Live Lite 9 is included with the Launchkey 49 and if you are an Ableton user already then a Novation controller is likely the way to go for you. LiveControl 2 brings a … Throw in faders, pads, CV and an arpeggiator, and it has you covered for most of your Ableton Live needs. We said “This is a good example of a follow-up release outdoing the original, as it answers most of the first incarnation’s gripes. Our Top Pick ** More Images ** 9.7/10 our score. However, what really comes out of this test is that SL MkIII is more about the hardware; well, more about your studio. Gamevice gaming controller for iPad gives the best gaming experience with the iPad. In the last decade, deadmau5 has been continuously pushing for new ways to make his live show a memorable experience. As for the pads, you get 32 in all, each being pressure-sensitive with built-in aftertouch. However, using an ad hoc network, which most iPad controller software developers recommend, offers much lower latency. Push integrates with the updated Simpler instrument to create more of a hardware-sampling experience; from Push itself, you can browse and load samples into Simpler and view and interact with the waveforms.”. If you’re ever considering going out and performing live, you’ll want to have larger pads that are easier to play with. Unfortunately, you do not have a step-sequencer, nor the ability to play with dynamics, as the pads aren’t velocity sensitive, though the unit is very effective for live triggering. Musicians who use it: Richie Hawtin, Josh Wink, Linkin Park, Dubfire, Armin Van Buuren, Morgan Page, and the majority of Ableton Live users. Get the latest industry news, reviews, features and tutorials. As I am an Ableton user and I have a Push 2, my first idea was to use it with the user mode. Pair that with LaunchPad95, a free, beautifully modified script for Ableton live, and you can utilize your launchpad to the fullest. Find the top 100 most popular items in Amazon Musical Instruments Best Sellers. While it isn’t the best Ableton controller on the market by any means, Akai gives you a lot for the small amount of money you spend to get ahold of their APC Mini. I have an iPad Air 2 and an Ableton Live Suite 10 on my Windows PC. $114.99 #31. It’s a very well-thought-out controller – the mkII is a welcome update [to the original].”. It comes with a built-in interface for USD MIDI. We said “Studiologic has come up with a great little product here which could easily enhance the user experience for many DAW users in a number of areas. Does Waves’ newest multi-layered modulation plug-in offer us maximum sonic colour? Learn more touchAble is THE controller app for Ableton Live. There’s no doubt that Ableton’s software gives you, as a producer, the ability to take your mixes live, something that requires a proper control surface to get the most out of your live experience. Built on Lemur technology, featuring simplified connection, and optimised layout. Electronic artist Sonn sits in the doctor’s chair to suggest some remedies for bland guitar and share his wisdoms on Ableton Live’s stock effects. Is it possible on to use my iPad as a MIDI controller to my VSTs via Lightning to USB 3.0? Livid is a company that is still very much building a name for themselves, though their Base II Controller is certainly up in the ranks with the big players like Akai. Instead of faders, you get 9 touch-sensitive fader strips for a more futuristic feel, as well as 8 touch buttons and 8 basic silicone buttons. Because of its lightweight and easy setup, this the best MIDI keyboard for any producer that does live performances with Ableton. Bottom Line: The Akai APC40 may not be the best controller in the world, but the fact that it has built-in Ableton integration and portability, makes it one of the best for the modern, on-the-go, Ableton producer. A cheap and portable controller compared to other dedicated controllers available on the market, that gives users control of nearly every aspect of Ableton Live. A popular example is the Akai APC mini. It makes sense that Ableton would have the best controller for their own software. The cool thing about the pads is that they change color the harder you press them, giving you a visual reference to your changes in velocity. The Sensel App makes the experience flexible, with overlays for just about anyone who is sitting in front of a DAW and making music”. Want something with a bit more functionality and versatility? SteelSeries Nimbus. It’s currently only available for Windows tablets, but the mau5 himself has informed us that iOS compatibility is next up on the to-do list. Ableton Live is more fun and feisty when you add a hardware controller, turning the software into more of an instrument. Music theory isn’t the be-all and end-all of becoming a great producer, but a little knowledge can help. If the answer is ‘yes’ to either of these then ‘need’ could well be a word you could use because Launchkey Mini certainly delivers a great control experience for either scenario. "A controller that rivals the Push in the hardware space, and almost completely leaves the competition behind in the app space." There’s zero setup time, and you’re armed to play instruments and launch clips with the pads, and use the knobs to tweak instrument and effect parameters. AKAI APC40 MKII Although the Launchkey works very well with other DAW’s, it was purpose-built for Ableton and integrates with it better than any other controller. By MusicRadar, Dave Clews (Keyboard Magazine, ... Ableton-friendly supermini controller gets a sizable update. Want something that is portable that you can take with you on the go? There’s also a wired, backlit, version, for the night-time studio vampires among us. “OSC/Pilot has been in development since October 2013, and I’ve been field testing and using it in shows since that time,” Joel Zimmerman AKA deadmau5 says. You can map these any way you want, but the integration with Live makes this a fantastic choice regardless of the kind of producer you are. Probably the most unusual controller in this guide is Sensel’s Morph. It makes sense that Ableton would have the best controller for their own software. Becoming a recording studio or a digital audio workstation (DAW) is a bit more of a challenge and usually best left to the domain of the desktop computer. The Novation Launchpad Pro Grid Controller is a colorful, 64 pad controller. Bottom Line: If you’re in the market for a budget Ableton controller that you can slip in your backpack and jet set around the world with, all at an affordable price, the APC Mini from Akai is one of the best. While this can save you tons of space, you should consider that this could cut down on your accuracy when playing. You can make mixer adjustments, manipulate effects and parameters, launch clips and scenes, write MIDI notes into the piano roll and much more. touchAble is full-featured controller app for Live which offers dedicated views and controls for Live's Session View, MIDI Note Editor, Mixer, Devices, Browser, and more. The pads have somewhat of a plastic-y click to them, giving them quite a different feel when compared to classic MPC-style pads. Available in 49 and 61 varieties. Use the MIDI mode to control other apps using the… Pick one up, and you’ll find that they open doors to a different side of music production that you may have never thought existed. If you’re looking for something portable with a futuristic design, definitely keep your eyes on the Base II. Here are our picks of the best Live controllers available in 2020. If you were one of the early producers to buy the Akai APC40 (the first dedicated Ableton controller released almost 10 years ago), you might just find comfort and efficiency in the new version, the Akai APC40 MKII. We hope this guide has helped you to find the best controller for all of your Ableton needs. Logic Pro X Step Sequencer is equally adept at bubbling 303-style step sequences as it is at drum programming. One is a transport view with a scrub wheel, and the other is what I'd call a 'mixer view. See that little button in the corner of the MIDI editor? ... this is easily one of the best do-it-all controllers out there right now. 3. In this tutorial, you'll learn about one of them. Editors Keys Ableton Live Wireless Keyboard. We said: “Way back when I heard about SL MkIII, I thought I’d focus on the software-control side of it, as that is really where previous models in the SL range were focused, particularly with that AutoMap technology. Ableton Push 2. 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