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Discover Hermès women's fragrances and refills on our official online shop. Memories from my childhood. It immediately drys down to divine florals and on me a hint of spice. It reminds me of some kind of embalming fluid - it is serious and joyless. More complex and more dry. To dry, to saopy, to....non-sensual. I am very disappointed in this scent. I think though that I will stick to Hiris and Rouge. Out of the older perfumes out there, Caleche Hermes is one of my favorite. I could wear it as a modern fragrance could do. It screams Aldehyde when you first spray it. This is what Chanel No. indeed there is a soapy feel to it but only in the beginning. The citrus notes are too prominent, particularly a lime accord that is drowning everything out. The sillage is moderate with great longevity. • By card: Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, Diners Club®, JCB® and China Union Pay® A previous reviewer stated that this is a wearable Chanel No. Cosmetic cream (old navy-blue Nivea) + powder + suede shoe. HERMÈS. After trying it out for a few months from time to time, I find it kind of rough and tough. The longer I wore it the more I loved it. From "french whore" to "baby " (???). The scents tell the story of the living heritage of Hermès, its references, its secrets. flower,wood and chypre, whose name evokes the House’s emblematic carriage Still, Caléche is in my opinion an absolutely fantastic scent, as are Madame Rochas, Rive Gauche and Calandre. Piguet Baghari is really similar and to my nose a whole lot more interesting. I find leather notes fascinating (I continue to be entranced by the leathery drydown of my beloved Chanel No. Calèche is a novel that dazzles with the beauty of its raw materials, from the joyfulness of citrus fruit to the modernity of aldehyde notes; from the floral heart embellished with ylang-ylang, rose and jasmine to the woody, chypre sillage underscored by the nobility of the iris. If you can wear this, I'm sure it is lovely on you. This makes it incredibly wearable as a man. - Assiduosity. If you love the scent of mossy forests you are gonna love the drydown of this scent. 5? I bought it at Nordstrom and the sales lady was trying to influence me to purchase a "younger" scent. Warm, elegant, class, clean... and somehow sexy. Yes it is very much like Chanel no.5. Reminds me of Cacherel shirts and strict navy gabardine. Yes, it's a bit rough and reminds me at times of old Estee Lauders. I was able to get a small bottle of the vintage version from ebay as a blind buy. To add my contribution I just voted the other people comments that I liked or that expressed my thoughts better than myself. $165.46 - $256.12. Beautiful lilly-of-the-valley, vintage scent. I love this. This is a very classy scent for day wear! Composed by Guy Robert in 1961, Calèche is the first women’s fragrance from Hermès. $18.88. It opens with the opera glove slap of an aristocrat´s composed wrath - aldehydes buffing a starchy and contrived powdered-nose iris- receding around the fragrance´s heart like a crystal lattice enclosing and lifting the floral bosom and setting it over the portruding collarbones of a statuesque chypre base. Also, it's got a lot more freshness and creaminess than most aldehyde perfumes, and for that reason it's more versatile than it seems. I had a small sample of vintage Caleche, which was glorious. Top notes are Grapefruit, Narcissus and Lily-of-the-Valley; middle notes are Rose, Mimosa and Tuberose; base notes are Leather and iris. to call it soapy would be to simplify something that is much more complex. every time i put it on it smells different than the last, but always beautiful and never disappointing. It smells so classy and sophisticated. Even though I am 22 I love this perfume! wow wow wow I love this one, somehow I can picture white fluffy clouds and floating lol yes it does have powdery soapy quality to it but to me it smells divine, clean and comforting and very classy. I am a great fan of the late Monsieur Guy Robert. The perfume is not bad but also not too good perhaps due to so many similar fragrances are available in the market, this doesn't stand tall. Wonderful perfume! LaniC -- excellent observation and very aptly described by you, but it is that very hint of pathos that makes this such a very special scent. $39.99. Why can't I like this? I gather by reading many reviews that the formula has changed. I am still trying to make friends at least with ONE Hermes scent and I simply can`t. Initially It used to smell like, powder/ soap/ musk and then develop into nice floral perfume with many shades. Ending 5 Dec at 2:11PM GMT 6d 8h. :), "As other perfumes are to detergent, so Caleche by Hermes is to the finest thrice milled soap." The EDP is so great! I have had people run down halls to track me down! this was a pleasent surprise as i didn't expect to like this at all on first sniff. It's very elegant, sharp and a little serious yet not unapproachable. Aldehydes that slice through emotion. I got the one with the plastic cap as per the pic above. $162.00 more like this. I used to love this and it was my signature scent in 80's. Clean, fresh, classy. It's a complex scent, qualty, no doubt, but it does not speak to me at all. Caleche is very stinky on me, smells like an old hunting bag of mine where at all times of it`s life I carried various perfumes, which gave it a specific scent. This subtle women's fragrance, which was introduced in 1961, mingles the scents of iris, rose, oakmoss and woods. Scent wise, somewhat similar composition, just better done (richer and deeper) in the pure parfum. Like many other classics, I've smelled this on various people before and now I'm in a state of happy recognition. If you sprayed a scent strip with Calèche and waved it in front of people at the bus stop, you’d probably get a lot of wrinkled noses, along with comments like “old lady” and “perfume-y,” even among people who like perfume and happily stock their bathroom shelves with Jo Malone and the latest Dior flanker. 00 ($300.00/Fl Oz) FREE Shipping. The middle notes are vintage and old lady-ish.This perfume smells matronly on my skin. So reminds me of my grand mother and the summers I spent in her house and garden. It's nice but it lacked the warmth that No. However, I agree with those that feel Caleche is a soapy scent---it definitely is on me. Caleche is the most beautiful in late autumn and early spring. Elegant and romantic. I'm afraid can't be objective with Calèche, it is as trying to judge myself with objectivity, just impossible. When I went to the store to try Caleche, I had Idylle on my neck, but nothing on my wrist. Great classic perfumery. Get one now at a very special price! 5. I just got this for my birthday and the smell is so delicate, classy and imposes self confidence. Sharp and delicate at the same time, very elegant fragrance for modern princess. A highly feminine, woody, chypre floral, its name refers to the horse-drawn carriages that are emblematic of the house. Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Customer Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars: 4.5 out of 5 stars: 5.0 out of 5 stars: 5.0 out of 5 stars: Price: From $211.65 $125.45 $ 125. Daytime scent for rich people. Yes, this does smell like money. Aldehydes are a note that I simply for the most part find hard to tolerate, and there wasn't enough woods, spice or earthiness to balance the composition to a more palatable concoction. This year I decided to sample vintage fragrances because if they are still on the market, I figured there must be something going for them. It's interesting and grown up scent. One of my longtime favorites. If you like perfumes that are light, soft, ozonic or sweet, skip this tester bottle. Although I do admire Caleche and consider it unquestionably one of the most classical scents still out there these days, I do like Madame Rochas and Rive Gauche better, actually Madame Rochas better than Rive Gauche, and I am speaking of the current reformulations. My reference to 'First' is to emphasize the perfect connection between the accords of blackcurrant bud (cassis) and the floral absolutes shared by both fragrances. Score! it reminds me of k krizia, but unlike k it dosen't stay sharp. I thought I was getting another bottle of the SDP, I didn’t know there were other versions. Yes, there are similarities between this fragrance, Chanel No.5 and Amouage Gold, however I personally consider Caleche the best out of the three. My friends at college had some nice scents, we all adored some of the drugstore greats, I guess White Shoulders was one, but I always felt quite the sophisticate with the beautiful Caleche. If you can wear this perfume great! I'm a man and this stuff is gorgeous. This fragrance in addition exudes class and refinement. It was much too formal and classical for me at that time. If you're an aldehyde fan or like chanel no.5 premiere it is likely to be your cup of tea. Loved it then, not sure how it will go now. 5. 5 evokes on my skin; I guess I could say it smelled "cold" if that makes sense. This particular version performs this in spades. • Easy and complimentary, within 30 days This is a personal favorite that I have worn since the mid-60's. Another great one bites the dust. I wore that bottle out and loved every minute of it. This has been my favourite scent (with occasional deviations) since the 1970's. They all have a common feel though, and one must include in the group also Calandre, closest to Madame Rochas and very powdery as well. Amongst the aldehydic perfumes it has a very particular character and to me what gives it that character is the scent of lemon and orange - to me this scent is about lemony and orangeish aldehyds. As a small child I would sit in her bedroom and look at the forbidden closet where she kept her beautiful perfumes. 0.5 Ounce. When I saw it on the dept store shelf waiting for me to test, I had hoped it actually might be a hermes that works on me...alas, not to be. Caleche is like a greener, sharper, drier, more masculine version of Chanel No. It glides through to the end. Well... the reformulation isn't bad. It lasts reasonably well on the skin but for the most part is a skin scent it doesn't project much probably because it's really watered down. I'm not surprised to see this scion of ~haute-parfumerie~ still in great demand today, another jewel almost lost to the ether of obscurity. Caleche by Hermes is powdery perfection to my nose. I want to buy this perfume, but I'm not sure if I should get the EDT or the EDP version.. What's the difference? It is the epitome of chic and much cleaner than Chanel no.5. Sadly many of his earlier creations including Madame Rochas have been altered almost beyond recognition with each reformulation, becoming not only insipidly weaker but also very nearly unrecognizable from the original formulas. Caleche Eau Delicate by Hermès is a Floral fragrance for women.Caleche Eau Delicate was launched in 2003. Anyway, if you like it, buy it - if you are lucky to still find it in the old formula, because soon it will disappear like some other exceptional ones and soon we'll be left with the ones that give headaches to yourselves and the ones around us. The scent both remind me most of is Rive Gauche, although the soie de parfum more, because it is stronger on the gardenia and a bit lighter on the lemon. Strict. nice. Top notes are Aldehydes and Ylang-Ylang; middle notes are Jasmine and Rose; base notes are Cedar and Sandalwood. I have that, too, but Caleche definitely has a spicier, woodier edge that makes it sophisticated, while I see Madame Rochas as a much more staid fragrance. It gives a nod to two emblems of the house, and translates the perfumer’s tactile … I'm quite confused, tested calèche this week and fell. There are two versions Edp and edt, maybe you gave edt? Shipping I agree with Malegria. amazing strong, super sharp iris & aldehydes concoction. Kerosene, naphtha, awful! Good longevity too and I want to keep smelling my clothes all the time ;-). So, I decided that I was going to put it up for sale. Free shipping and returns on Hermès Calèche - Eau de toilette at Vintage Hermes Caleche Perfume Bath Oil Sealed 25ml - VERY RARE. I like it for special occasions when I wear nice clothes, and it gives me self-confidence. Dare I say it? This was a "scrubber" for me. Also, a little parfum goes a long way with great silage and longevity. As to the fragrance itself, I vastly prefer the stronger concentration over the EDT. Me encanta ya que su aroma es elegante, para mi gusto. Big aldehyde opening with Caleche, sadly on the sour side. It was curiosity /which doesn't kill the cat/ how it will be now on my skin-I had to try. I have a small vintage bottle of EDT. This is quite a controversial perfume , from what i can see on the reviews . Made in France. 30 ml - 1.0 fl.oz. oz.) it takes a lot of confidence to wear this one. this is just so soapy and creamy, like silky soap suds - which makes me think its a bit dated but I still like it, its the best soap scent I've tried so far. Excellent sillage, not in your face, floating in the background. Very reminiscent of "Ma Griffe" and Chanel #5. From the reviews it seemed a cinch that this would be a winner for me. VERY feminine. It has a beautiful subtle heart of creamy white flowers that emerge slowly from a fresh, woody, herbal foreground. Her lack of interest in this perfume and her inclination to share with me was my good luck, because I loved it! Maybe even the best Hermes for me. Do I want to give off the odour of an expensive antique? If you're not fussed about the bottle your fragrance comes in, there are a number of very inexpensive parfum refills on Ebay at the moment (I snagged mine for $30). Written in 1961 by Guy Robert, Calèche was Hermès’ first fragrance for women. This was one of them. Very luxe. soap, soap, soap. Not my type of fragrance at all. I love this fragrance although the sillage is really soft and the longevity isn't better either. Free US shipping on orders over $59. I am not very fond of aldehydes but could't resist when I saw this on's like traveling in time. • See the delivery FAQs for details on shipping methods, costs and delivery times, Payment methods So I ordered a bottle of Caleche (EDT) and tried it. The drydown is lovely soft and powdery, like Rouge. Love it! strong and very lasting one, i may add. Admittedly my skin is a funny creature, but I find the SdP much soapier and heavier on the aldehydes, for a lot longer than in the EDT. This perfume was one of my first expensive perfume buys. A lovely floral, very "couture". It has a certain sourness but does not overwhelm with it.And the leathery note is like very thin, very soft leather glove, light brown. And personally I sense no similarities to either Gold or N°5, perhaps the only link between the 3 being an unsurpassed elegance and style. Transported to another place entirely. I agree with the words of Chat Lunatique-there is a HUGE difference between soie de parfum and EDT. I wouldn’t even want my house to smell like this. So glad I found this site. It is a beautifully composed balance of petillant aldehydes, florals, oak moss, and sandalwood. I would describe Hermes Caleche as the scent of Ma Griffe perfume and a vintage Coty Airspun face powder, tossed about in a new calfskin handbag. and pepper not fruit. Its a thin scent if that makes any sense. or Best Offer. I agree there is a slight leather note also. I thought it must have turned or who knows what but maybe someone would like the bottle or something. I grabbed this for my vintage-green collection of comfort scents and I like it very much! Just as a tinge of sadness makes music more beautiful. The button's design is a work in progress. they certainly don't make them like these anymore. Let me just say what Caleche is not: Caleche EDP, is Chanel' 5's sister, but less sweet. While both are "vintage grandma", this one is easy. I haven't tested on skin yet, just card but I think it will be even better on skin... it would be great layered with leather and rose. I find it has a positive vibe - probably from all the citrus. You catch the aldehydes right away, then it slowly settles down to a dusty floral, then a powder. It has great sillage. It's worth the price and effort to find the real thing. I never liked it, It's too strong for my taste and seems forced. The parfum is very smooth in comparison. Few days ago I received a brand new&sealed vintage (1983) Calèche EDT. A musky, leathery, animalic note lingers in the background and grows more apparent as Caleche dries, keeping the florals from going too powdery or sharp. The majority will describe it as soapy or powdery/makeup-y, but it's so much more than that. The same complain applies to all the eau de toilettes from HERMES you can really feel that the scents have been overly watered down they feel to me at least like I spray perfumed water on my skin, A Horse Drawn Carriage Ride Through The Woods. A half an hour in, something barely makes it to the surface - that gives it the slightest merely there impression of sharpness - may be the cypress, and then leaves again, probably overwhelmed by all the powder, quite like me. Caleche is one lady-like perfume hard to describe to be honest. Grandmas are always right, so I shall not argue! “A perfume of leather and flowers, as light as an angel’s wing.” — Jean-Claude Ellena. Maybe it doesn't blend well with my chemistry and is nice to others. Understated, but still makes itself known. As it has happened with "Rive Gauche" all I smelled, was a hair spray vague smell, as if I'm in a hairdresser's salon. Elegant fresh floral, excellent quality. Cloak yourself in the scent of a forest garden with Caleche from Hermes. I could not bear it. Like a pale shadow, a sleepwalker. It has shown an interesting note though in heart - the incense (unusual type of incense found in our Catholic church), but this has disappeared in the drydown. Feminine and classy with a hint of masculinity to give pause. I just received the perfume and found it sadly lacking. Your purchases are delivered in an orange box tied with a Bolduc ribbon, with the exception of fragrances, makeup and beauty products, books, certain equestrian and bulky items. £99.00. If I want to smell like White Linen, I can buy White Linen at half the price of Caleche. Kelly Caleche by Hermes: The house’s perfumer, after visiting the storage space for Hermes leathers, noted that some of the finest leathers actually had a floral scent. Yes, it has a bit sharp opening but after that the smell becomes the best floral bouquet of flowers I've ever smelled. I m pretty sure that this one comes only in an eau de toilette concentration and believe me it really shows . I loved this as soon as it hit my nose and for several hours afterwards. This perfume is pure heaven! French style and more affordable version of Amouage Gold. This resilient lemon note is what gives Caleche its particular character amongst aldehydic fragrances. I never knew that my bottle of Calèche is the same to Madame Rochas Parfum de Toilette first release in 1960. Tell us what you think - opens in new window or tab. It's better than Chanel! Loved that smell! This must be a classic, but to me it does not appeal very much. Lucia.lawson your review was spot on. The EDT concentration stays close to the skin and projects softly. Shop for Hermès perfume at Macy's. While the two perfumes are vastly different, Calèche is just as pretty as its much younger sister, but with a classier edge! team, shines through the beauty of its primary ingredients, from the gaiety of Find the fragrance you're looking for in Perfumes Club and buy your Hermès perfume … But being greedy, I ordered soie de parfum without prior testing, and I bit off more than I could chew :( Classy, refined, noble, but unfortunately not a fragrance I could wear. or Best Offer The last bottle I purchased about 8 years ago in Hong Kong may have been reformulated, but the contents remain true to the original. It probably says something that, while I wear Caleche often, I just now remembered to review it. I return to it after intervals and wonder why I don't wear it constantly. Still one of the best perfumes out there. Years later when I picked it up again, I realized that it had changed and I felt sad. Maybe not. It is smooth. I scored a bottle of this at TJ Maxx long ago, and hated it once I got it home. There are plenty of lovely leathers out there for me to try. This is ultimate classic, timeless elegance, pure heaven upon earth! i love dry perfumes. I don't want to wear an intimidating business suit, ever again. • Next-day and Express delivery options also available 99: $99.99 $ 99. … Still sharp, still pungent, with a slight hint of old school soap. To me, it really doesn't evoke an age, an era, a season, or a time of day. Theoretically speaking, Caleche is changed a lot since the editions in the 1980's. Then when visiting old home I found it with books. As the smell worked it's way into my consciousness, my only thought was: "get me to the nearest shower". Now, the kids are all grown and as a retired lady and grandmother(! Introduced in 2007, the perfume can be worn in a number of situations, including a day at the office or an afternoon lunch with your friends. It does smell clean, it is lovely, but it does not have that adelhydic strength and longevity that I get with the SDP. With its mix of iris, lily of the valley, rose, mimosa and tuberose, Kelly Caleche by Hermes is a great fragrance for women looking for something to wear during the day. Released in 2007, Kelly Calèche was meant to be the first feminine leather fragrance in the Hermès collection. At first the alcohol was overpowering. It truly is powdery and reminiscent of makeup-face powder to be exact. I’m a huge fan of soapy fragrances. Make Offer - CALECHE by HERMES Women perfume HUGE 3.3oz 100ml EXTREMELY RARE *FREE SHIPPING* Vintage Hermes Caleche .25 oz-7.5 ml perfume parfum spray, vintage rare! This is really a very beautiful creation. Okay, so just as a heads up to you guys about the Soie de's TOTALLY different from the EDT. in jodhpurs and riding boots. The Classic collection bears witness to the initial encounters between the house of Hermès and fragrance. Structured. The box is FACTORY SEALED with cellophane (mica). It's lovely and ladylike and pretty, but to my nose it's a bit boring. I thought that it was only a personal scent and didn't know that it was projected to others. Fragrance story : It is a very feminine woody, chypre floral, whose name refers to the horse-drawn carriages that are emblematic to the house. :-(. iread last review and iam got the same smell soapy smell but ido spray over my home cloth and give me the feel ijust wear fresh clothes just washed soap smell if u like that type and stay log. Hermes Caleche Soie De Parfum Spray, 1.6 Ounce 4.5 out of 5 stars 68. I feel like I should be wearing an intimidating business suit when I wear it. Needless to that I adore both! It was the chypre that made the fragrance for me and I wore it with such pleasure. My French grandmother loves this perfume, when I was buying it for Christmas in 2009 I got curious and sprayed a sample on my wrist. First spray brought forth heavy oakmoss, I was kind of surprised that was all I smelled, but ten seconds later I was welcoming a bouquet of fresh, bright florals including iris, ylang-ylang, orange blossom, neroli, jasmine, and some rose along with tart citruses. Uhh-ohhh...this was one of my few blind buys that just did not work at all. But it reminds me so much of White Linen! It goes on sharp on me, but is worldy and sophisticated and drys down to an intriguing spice that makes me feel I should be wearing a trench coat, while walking by the seine on my way to meet my lover in an out of the way bistro. "... with all my respect to Hermes and to those, who like this perfume, I have to admit that for me it smells "an old lady's bag"...". Men used to stop and ask me what it was all the time. A really big plesure to wear. It really reminded me of my grandmother's rest home. There was nothing pretty about it. Sillage was wonderful, longevity 6 hours plus. Skip to main content. It's not my thing,and I'm so sad because I was expecting to like it.It's just exactly what I don't like in perfumes, but at the same time it's dear for me because my Grandma uses Pani Walewska Miraculum and it's exactly the same fragrance. I also purchased the original Eau De Toilette version by accident as a backup bottle. mmm, so good! Make Offer - Vintage Hermes Caleche Eau De Toilette Splash Perfume Paris France Mini 98% Full. As I said, after four hours or so the drydown is absolutely heavenly and keeps projecting.

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