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Carpenter tried to keep the audience guessing as to who Michael Myers really is—he is gone, and everywhere at the same time; he is more than human; he may be supernatural, and no one knows how he got that way. [80], Upon its initial release, Halloween performed well with little advertising—relying mostly on word-of-mouth, but many critics seemed uninterested or dismissive of the film. Add scene description. After the negative critical and commercial reception for Season of the Witch, the filmmakers brought back Michael Myers in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. HD wallpapers and background images Believe me, I'm not. He said, 'Well what would you do if you did do a sequel?' Halloween is a 1978 American independent slasher film directed and scored by John Carpenter, co-written with producer Debra Hill, and starring Donald Pleasence and Jamie Lee Curtis in her film debut. John Carpenter. Music Composed and Performed by John Carpenter. "[84] Susan Stark of the Detroit Free Press branded Halloween a burgeoning cult film at the time of its release, describing it as "moody in the extreme" and praising its direction and music. With Halloween, Carpenter knew he wanted something of a unique sound. "[130] Equating sex with violence is important in Halloween and the slasher genre according to Pat Gill, who made a note of this in her essay "The Monstrous Years: Teens, Slasher Films, and the Family". [76] Finally, a scene was added in which Lynda comes over to Laurie's house to borrow a silk blouse before Laurie leaves to babysit, just as Annie telephones asking to borrow the same blouse. Unsurprised, he stares off into the night as Laurie begins to sob. [24] The low budget limited the number of big names that Carpenter could attract, and most of the actors received very little compensation for their roles. [120] The following year, Paste listed it the best slasher film of all time,[121] while Michael Myers was ranked the greatest slasher villain of all time by LA Weekly. [105] The same year, Anchor Bay issued a two-disc limited edition, which featured both the theatrical and "extended editions," as well as lenticular cover art and lobby cards. It opened in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on November 22, 1978.Although it performed well with little advertising — relying mostly on word-of-mouth — many critics seemed uninterested or dismissive of the film. Be the first one to write a review. "[135] Film analysts have noted its delayed or withheld representations of violence, characterized as the "false startle" or "the old tap-on-the-shoulder routine" in which the stalkers, murderers, or monsters "lunge into our field of vision or creep up on a person. "Here's about a 7, here's about a 6, and the scene we're going to shoot tonight is about a 91/2", remembered Curtis. [60] Local families dressed their children in Halloween costumes for trick-or-treat scenes. [102] This release subsequently became a collectors' item, with one copy from 1979 selling on eBay for $13,220 in 2013. On a cold Halloween night in 1963, six year old Michael Myers brutally murdered his 17-year-old sister, Judith. An eleventh installment was released in the United States in 2018. Record Label: Columbia. The film was released by Lionsgate Home Entertainment in an Ultra HD Blu-ray and Blu-ray edition for the film's 40th anniversary. I had no idea who she was. [47] Moran had the same agent as his sister, Erin, who played Joanie Cunningham on Happy Days. Presumably, Carpenter imagines he's building up spine-tingling anticipation, but his techniques are so transparent and laborious that the result is attenuation rather than tension. Artist. 27 October 1978; 12 songs; Follow. Before Annie can leave, Michael, who hid in the back seat of her car, strangles her and slits her throat. The towns in Halloween don't exist, though they're (sort of) based on real places. However, Lockhart had commitments to several other film and television projects. [30] Among those patients was an adolescent boy, who possessed a blank, "schizophrenic stare. "[134], Historian Nicholas Rogers notes that film critics contend that Carpenter's direction and camera work made Halloween a "resounding success. Halloween helped to popularize the final girl trope, the killing off of characters who are substance abusers or sexually promiscuous,[140] and the use of a theme song for the killer. Halloween, however, is considered by historians as being responsible for the new wave of horror films, because it not only used these tropes but also pioneered many others. These elements have become so established that many historians argue that Halloween is responsible for the new wave of horror that emerged during the 1980s. [11] Homage is paid to Alfred Hitchcock with two characters' names: Tommy Doyle is named after Lt. Det. 2,635 Views . Now that's sick. Film: Halloween. [42] Soles's then-husband, actor Dennis Quaid, was considered for the role of Bob Simms, Lynda's boyfriend, but was unable to perform the role due to prior work commitments.[43]. "[63], Lacking a symphonic soundtrack, the film's score consists of a piano melody played in a 10/8 or "complex 5/4" time signature composed and performed by director Carpenter with Carpenter admitting that the music was inspired by both Dario Argento's Suspiria (which also influenced the film's slightly surreal color scheme) and William Friedkin's The Exorcist. It is also available online for computer and other devices viewing (streaming rentals) and downloadable files through Amazon.com, Apple's iTunes Store download application and Vudu.com computer servers. It begins exactly where Halloween ends and was intended to finish the story of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode. Children would be checking their closet for William Shatner after Tommy got through with it. [149] The game contained more gore than the film, however. [66] Carpenter stated in an interview, "I can play just about any keyboard, but I can't read or write a note. Additionally, a novelization, a video game and comic book series have been based on the film. [124] In many pre-Halloween horror films, women are depicted as helpless victims and are not safe until they are rescued by a strong masculine hero. Suspicious, Laurie goes over to the Wallace house across the street and finds Annie, Bob, and Lynda's bodies, as well as Judith's headstone, in the upstairs bedroom. A remake was released in 2007, directed by Rob Zombie, which itself was followed by a 2009 sequel. [38] Kyes had previously starred in Assault on Precinct 13 (as had Cyphers) and happened to be dating Halloween's art director Tommy Lee Wallace when filming began. The same song is heard in the original Halloween (1978), in the scene where Laurie and Annie are in the car. "'Halloween': Some tricks, a lot of treats". Halloween THEME SONG - Original Cover by RW BIVINS published on 2012-10-31T15:44:28Z As a special treat to all my fans I am releasing my original cover of the Halloween Theme Song from the movie series on SC as a free download. He knows Michael is coming back to Haddonfield, but by the time the town realizes it, it'll be too late for many people. [99][100] Scholars such as Adam Rockoff dispute the recurring descriptions of Halloween as overtly violent or gory, commenting that the film is in fact "one of the most restrained horror films," showing very little onscreen violence. [89] Roger Ebert gave the film similar praise in his 1979 review in the Chicago Sun-Times, referring to it as "a visceral experience—we aren't seeing the movie, we're having it happen to us. [78], In August 2006, Fangoria reported that Synapse Films had discovered boxes of negatives containing footage cut from the film. Even without considering the third film, the Halloween series contains continuity issues, which some sources attribute to the different writers and directors involved in each film.[156]. "Don't Fear the Reaper" by The Blue Oyster Cult is heard on the radio twice, right before Judith Myers and Lynda are killed. On October 31, 1963, on Halloween night in the fictional small town of Haddonfield, Illinois, six-year-old Michael Myers inexplicably stabs his older sister Judith to death with a kitchen knife in their home and is incarcerated at Smith's Grove sanitarium. He meets with Annie's father, Sheriff Leigh Brackett, and they both investigate Michael's house, where Loomis tells Sheriff Brackett of the danger Michael poses. The music is scary and gives you a feeling that something is out there lurking around, but you don't know what. The uncommon sounds of the film worked. It has never been the theme in a film. Halloween (1978) Halloween (1978) Opening credits – typography Closing credits (first part) typography Trailer title . [22] Debra Hill has stated the scene where Michael kills the Wallaces' German Shepherd was done to illustrate how he is "really evil and deadly". It was reissued in 1982. Film director Bob Clark suggested in an interview released in 2005[19] that Carpenter had asked him for his own ideas for a sequel to his 1974 film Black Christmas (written by Roy Moore) that featured an unseen and motiveless killer murdering students in a university sorority house.

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