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It feeds on zooplankton as well and another small animals that can be found floating in the ocean water surface. Some fishes like to wander alone, but some stay collective and swim together in the same direction. This kind of fish is found in a flaming gorge reservoir, Lake Mohave, Aral Sea, and more places. It is classified under the higher classification of Astronotus. Alibaba.com offers 1,144 types of sea fish products. One speciality is that they are easy to maintain and generally display peaceful temperament. It is a hardy fish that tends to live in the middle and top areas of the tank. Sea bream is the other types of ocean fish to eat. Types of Red Sea Fish Species. The lifespan of this fish is about 10-13 years. All listings are by common names and not scientific names. In the culinary world, there are two types of fish that we categorize with. Flathead grey mullet found in the Red Sea and Lake Awoonga. They tolerate temperatures as low as 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Queen angle fish are foragers and eat a variety of sessile invertebrates and plants, including sponges, algae, corals and others. This species of fish also popular in Japan since it is being served as delicacy. Almost ten species of a family were caught in British waters. Species information is provided in one of two formats: a PDF, or a user-friendly species profile with tabbed webpages designed to include photos, sounds, sign, range maps, comments on management and research, and much more. The first one is farmed sea bass and the second one is wild sea bass. It is especially good for pregnant women and the growing foetus. It is key to know which fish can be eaten often, and which ones to cut down on, to avoid future health problems. See: Bass in-depth This is yet another type of fish that is small and tolerates cold temperatures. They occur in river basins of Central Middle East and Northern part of Syria, Turkey, Oman, Iran and Iraq. The body mass of this fish is about 2-14 kilograms. Fishes excrete nitrogenous and ammonia. Range: Indo-Pacific: Red Sea and East Africa to the Hawaiian, Line, Marquesan and Ducie islands, north to southern Japan, south to New Caledonia and the Austral Islands; throughout Micronesia and also known from the Society Islands Synonyms: black-side hawkfish; Paralabrax clathratus; Paranthias colonus; Parapeneus margaritatus Pearly goatfish Hopefully every single article that you read here can help you to know more not only about the deep ocean ecosystems but also the living beings inside it. Sunfish diet consists of mainly Jellyfish; the reason is it is nutritionally poor. I think it is quite easy to find it too since it lives solitary. Generally, you can substitute any fish within one category for another, although you’ll notice differences in taste. Their lifespan is about 11-16 years. It is found in Aral lake and Lake Constance. Different habitat creates a different characteristics of cod. These are seen in northern Asia and Europe. It is eaten by humans and is rich in nutrients. This species of tuna is also known as a fast swimmer for pelagic fish category. Some of the wide varieties of fishes which are available in the world are as followed: The scientific name of Siamese fighting fish is known as betta splendens. Its family is mostly seen in Eurasia and Western Europe. It is also known as a tailor in Australia. Agnatha: This is the most primitive class of fish. Their lifespan is usually 5.5 years and shows signs of ageing over time. One of the most popular species is black sea bass, which is a small fish—usually under 5 pounds—found in the … The scientific name of European seabass is Dicentrarchuslabrax. Nature Parks. The scientific name of bluefish is Pomatomussaltatrix. It belongs to a family of the Gourami family. It is classified under the higher classification of Xiphias; Swordfish are well known as broadbills in some of the countries. Take a look at some of the list of types of fishes that are pretty common around the world. The scientific name of Atlantic cod is Gadusmorhua. They live up to 10 years and are very active. It is found majorly in fresh and brackish water only. Perch spawn deposits egg at the end of the month April and beginning of May on water plants. Respiratory System in Marine Fish Along with the... 15 Types of Ocean Sunfish and Freshwater Sunfish, 15 Importance of Sharks in The Marine Ecosystem, 15 Importance of Marine Fisheries Management, Characteristic of Drought Season and Countries Experiencing It, 6 Factors Affecting Air Temperature and The Explanation, Causes of Typhoon Hagibis and The Impacts of Mitigation Methods, Sand Boil Phenomenon Explanation and How to Overcome, Characteristics of Freshwater Swamp Forests – Functions – Distributions. Fish are aquatic cold-blooded vertebrates found both at sea and in freshwater. This fish migrates towards the coast for a feed of small fishes and prawns in summer. A wide variety of types of sea fish options are available to you, such as haccp, brc, and fda. The red hybrid is taken as plathaptim in Thai. This is a popular aquarium fish. The scientific name of Neon tetra is Paracheiodoninnesi. It is classified under the classification of scomber. Artic char is another species of fish that is known as edible fish. Maximum mass of a body is about 9 kg. This fish is classified under the classification of Sander. Again, even though tuna is commonly being served as sushi but there are also many ways to serve it as food such as by drying it. It is widely consumed by humans. These have territorial behaviour. They prefer to live in a group. In different types of fish in India, it will be one. These fish prefer temperatures between 62-74 degrees Fahrenheit. These will become food for predators like a sea lion, killer fishes etc. There are almost 200 different species of bream, of which the best to eat is the gilt-head or dorade—a beautiful fish with dense, juicy white flesh. It is classified under the classification of Pangasius. The scientific name of European eel is Anguilla Anguilla. With a variety of colours to choose from, you may want to add them to your tank for a variety. This is classified under the classification of Abramis. About 14% of these are fish, 2% are fishing lures, and 1% are sea cucumber. Home. One more thing that you need to know about mahi – mahi is that even though it is classified as an edible fish but there are some safety concern on it since it has become the vector of ciguatera poisoning. Recorded length is 0cm and weight is 9.1 kg. Your email address will not be published. Most of the fishes are hagfish, cartilaginous, bony fish and lampreys. The scientific name of swordfish is Xiphias gladius. See also: Red Sea Fish Species. The black skirt tetra is another peaceful fish that should be kept in a pair or in a larger group. An aquarium is a good addition to your house. Abudjube Wrasse - Wrasses . Only two groups are still surviving in this class – hagfish and lampreys. Canned tuna has lower mercury levels than tuna steaks and sushi, and two canned tuna meals a week is good for the body. Goldfishes are gregarious. It has another name called as Sparidae and porgies. Somehow, cod is not only being hunted because of its flesh. Mahi – mahi has another name that is known as dolphinfish. Our Fish A-Z is a catalogue of the world's finest seafood. Classified as a flatfish too but turbot has two eyes that is next to each other unlike any other species of fish. There are about 155 different species of this fish. The preferred choice by many is the fancier variety with bubbly heads and fanned tails. It is classified under the classification of mola. Will eat mainly live baits during the summer when plenty of live food is available. These are species of salmonid. Even though you only know Sardines but actually there are some species of it. They are also known as Jawless Fish. Many cultures consider the cheeks and tongue as delicacies. It is an aquarium fish. Length of the body is 120 centimetres. Chondrichthyes: This class of fish has jaws, and is characterized by their cartilaginous skeletons, and the lack of bones in their body. It is a family member of Psychroulutidae. Not only classified as a small fish but Anchovies is also classified as oily fish. It is available throughout the year weighs anywhere from 1.5 to 100 pounds. For example, maybe the fish is endangered and trying to be conserved. Fish and Seafood Vocabulary. These are taken as food by humans. Some types of fishes live on the bottom of the ocean, while some live near the surface. They are great for beginners who have an unheated aquarium. They live in oceans for two –three year and move to spawns. This fish is classified under the classification of Pomatou and belongs to a family of Pomatomidae. It is classified under the higher classification of Dicentrarchus. Objects of sea fishery Fishes. Over time, the department plans to convert content from all PDF sources into species profiles. It is classified under Cyprinus. It is the heaviest bony fish in the world. They are found under the depth of 550m. The Marine Demersal: Just the opposite of the marine pelagics, the marine demersal are usually found in the bottom of the sea column. It is classified under the classification Gadus. Goldfish eggs hatch within 48-72 hours. It eats larvae and plankton of the sea. Pros: Good hot or cold. It forms large schools near the surface of cold and temperate shelf areas. Your email address will not be published. In Egypt, it is salted, dried and pickled to make feseekh. Biokovo Kopacki Rit Telascica All Croatian Nature Parks. Somehow if we know that there is a species of animal or living beings that is living in a certain environment and cannot be found anywhere else means that surely this species of fish is pretty expensive. Normally caught very close to shore. If the aquarium is your first time, here are some of the fishes that you can pick for it. Fish, in general, have omega 3 in them that lowers the risk of stroke, depression, and also some cancers. It is a bottom-dweller that is unique in that it hides during the daytime. Bluefish is moderately proportioned fish with a forked tail. They are rich in proteins and is a river fish and have a long lifespan, which is yet to be determined. Eggs are migrated through birds to other waters as eggs stick to the bird’s legs. Black cod is another types of ocean fish to eat besides cod. Most have firm, lean, white flesh. It took a little sleuth work, but we’ve narrowed down the most probably main course for that early morning meal. Tench is called Schlei in Germany. These are labelled in Australia and North America as basa, panga, swai and bocorti etc. It is hunted by humans and taken as food and lives for about nine years. The scientific name of doctor fish is Garrarufa. Term of Use | Privacy Policy | Adchoices | Disclaimer | Contacts us, Importance of Marine Fisheries Management, Fisheries Oceanography of The Blue Planet, Earth. They are an omnivorous group because they feed on plants and other small sea animals of water bodies. It is classified under the classification of Mugil. Their speciality is that they almost always any flake or dried food. It is found in the seawater of Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania. During the Autumn months they are much less picky. Salmon fish has a high content of omega-3. Comparing this two species of fish what makes it different is that the Pacific Halibut is known as the largest flatfish. So, you can relax when having to set up a tank. Other names of Oscar are tiger Oscar, marble cichlid and velvet cichlid. It is seen as aquarium fish. Deep-sea fish are fish that live in the darkness below the sunlit surface waters, that is below the epipelagic or photic zone of the sea.The lanternfish is, by far, the most common deep-sea fish. It is classified under the classification of Paracheirodon. They usually hide and tend to stay away from school when sick. It comes in the list of different types of freshwater fish. This flaky white fish is a great source of phosphorus, niacin, and vitamin B-12.A 3-ounce cooked portion contains 15 to 20 grams of protein. Just like salmon, turbot is also one species of fish that commonly be found in the Japanese food. Their speciality is that they jump excessively, so remember to keep your tank closed. Although unrelated as species, these fish have some similar characteristics, which is what is important for grilling. It is represented as symbol Washington. Make sure to keep plants around that will allow them to hide. Goldfish has an ability of strong learning, social learning skills. Length of the body ranges from 20 -60 cm and mass of the body will be of 14 kg. The American Fisheries Soceity gives the following 3 classes of fish: 1. The Atlantic species is called Atlantic ocean perch, rosefish, or redfish. They feed on plants. The lifespan of cod is about 25 years. It is sold under the trade name zebra danio. Regarding taste, herring are quite strong and flavorful, and they are a little bit salty with a soft texture. Pilchards, capelin, herring, sardines, anchovies, menhaden, and small mackerels make up more than one-quarter of all saltwater landings.These fishes travel in immense schools several miles long and wide, containing thousands of millions of individuals. Some people keep these in outdoor ponds over the summer. It is found in the Lake Victoria. It feeds both plankton and harmful gases like carbon dioxide, ammonia and hydrogen sulphide. Then there are fatty fish types and lean fish types. Types of ocean fish to eat that we have next is mackerel. The lifespan of goldfish is about 30 years. The one good part about them is they are not picky eaters and do well with flake fish. To help you with this I have some information about the types of ocean fish to eat. Omega 3 is known to reduce blood pressure and is a good source of protein. It is classified under the classification of Oncorhynchus. These are vigorous fighters. Size of this fish is about 13 ft that is of 4m. These are omnivorous. Intake of large amounts of these mercury high fish and shellfish can result in high levels of mercury in the human body. It will, therefore, be a good idea to offer hiding places for this fish. There are two species of halibut which can be found in the North Atlantic and North Pacific Ocean. It is found in regions like India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Burma and Pakistan. These fishes can be hybrid. The scientific name of the basa fish is Pangasiusbacourti. Mass of the body will be of 3.6 kg. It is classified under the classification of Garra. Finally, many types of seafood are reasonably priced, so they offer an excellent and affordable way to improve our overall diet. They are otherwise shy fish when kept in isolation. Length of blobfish is typically shorter than 30 cm. These are served as religious symbols. Ocean fishes come in all shapes, sizes, colors and live in drastically different depths and temperatures. It is marine pelagic fish found in temperate and subtropical waters. The starry triggerfish (Abalistes stellaris) or flat-tailed triggerfish is a harmless and tropical species that lives and feeds on the bottom of the ocean, especially on mud or silty sand bottoms. This class is divided into thr… Although some fishes are good looking and peaceful, some others are poisonous and aggressive. There are about 155 different species of this fish. Some examples of Diadromous fishes include Eels, Lampreys, and Shads. These are hardy fish and are great eaters.

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