Atif Akin, 2015, Haukijärvi, Finland

This almost an hour long, three channel video is shot at The Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant on Olkiluoto Island, which is on the shore of the western coast of Finland. This nuclear power complex also accommodates the Onkalo spent nuclear fuel repository is a deep geological repository for the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel, the first such repository in the world.

It is shot from the monitors which are linked to CCTV surveillance cameras that monitor the operating personnel in the control room of the nuclear reactor. Personnel here is monitored in case of a physical or medical failure. Although nuclear power, culturally regarded as a high-tech business, pretty much all over the world nuclear reactors operate on mid-1970s infrastructural technology. Interfaces, control panels, processors and even the style and light in the room perfectly reflect an obsolete technological look.